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We believe you shouldn’t have to pay for listing your dispensary and menu!

Attract new customers and offer unique services that your patients will value and use.

List Your Dispensary and Menu

Sign up today for your free listing and provide us with your logo, menu, hours, and other amenities you offer and we will proudly display your dispensary information in our mobile search app.


Easily update your dispensary information through the QuickBud web portal, and keep all of your information up to date for users to see in the mobile app.  Simply login with your secure ID, and quickly update your menu…it’s that easy.  


We want to help you maximize your time, which means helping you spend more time with customers and less time on administrative tasks.  So, QuickBud will be integrating its menu with several top POS vendors to make updating your menu in QuickBud truly handsfree!


            Pre-Order/ Pickup

Increase Orders by 15% with Request Pickup


People will spend on average 15% more when they are placing mobile orders. People are also in a hurry, so treat your customers like a VIP by offering them our Request Pickup feature!  Let your customers place their order right from the QuickBud app, and have it waiting for them when they arrive. 

Your customer's name, phone number, and complete order will appear on your QuickBud Dispensary tablet app along with an audible alert. You can review their order and even send them a notification saying their order is ready. We will also notify you when the customer has arrived at your store thanks to our use of location services.


Mobile Marketing

Mobile Notifications Are Better Than SMS


Push notifications will not only reach all of your existing customers just like SMS, but it will also reach anyone who has the app…greatly increasing the reach of your marketing efforts!


QuickBud’s push notifications also leverages features on the phone such as location services.  This means you can set up “triggers” that will automatically send out a notification to everyone’s phone based on where they are in relation to your dispensary.  A well timed notification when the mobile user is close to your dispensary can greatly increase the odds that they will stop in…something that SMS text messaging cannot do!


QuickBud’s Mobile Marketing will help you attract new customers, stay connected with your base, and keep them all coming back!


Top Buds


Want to know what the best bud is at a specific dispensary, or even nationally?


Top Buds will show you the best products at each dispensary based on total user likes…making it quick and easy to suggest a good bud.


Top Buds will also show you the best buds nationally based on total user likes, and where you can get it! 


Every “like” counts, so be sure to like all your favorites!




Post and like your favorite pictures in BudChat to share with other QuickBud users, and even share on other apps.


Add comments and start up a conversation with other QuickBud users! (coming soon).



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